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State Profiles

The State Profiles provide educators, advocates, and policymakers with a snapshot of laws and policy, current events, and statistics, as well as a detailed explanation of how federal funding for abstinence-only-until-marriage programs is being spent in each state.

Policy Updates

Each month, we create these brief synopses to help parents, educators, and advocates stay up-to-date and informed on events and decisions on Capitol Hill and across the country. The following is a list of recent policy updates related to comprehensive sexuality education. To see all our policy updates, go to our Policy Updates page.

Amid Victory in Wisconsin, Local Da Wrongly Threatens Legal Prosecution for Teaching Comprehensive Sex Education (April 2010)

Arizona School District Adds Condom Instruction To Sex Education Curriculum AS Legislature Seeks To Make Sex Education Less Accessible (April 2010)

California Teen Birth Rate Falls To Record Low, Officials Credit Comprehensive Sex Education AS A Factor (March 2010)

Mississippi Sex Education Bill: New Strategy To Address the State’s Poor Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Outcomes Maintains Ineffective Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Approach (February 2010)

Kentucky House Bill Calls for A More Comprehensive Approach To Sex Education (February 2010)

Utah Lawmakers and Community Organizations Work To Improve Sexuality Education Policy (January 2010)

Congress Completes Fiscal Year 2010 Appropriations (December 2009)

Florida School Board Adopts Comprehensive Sexuality Education Policy (December 2009)

Revisions Passed To Oregon Administrative Rule Further Strengthens the State’s Comprehensive Sex Education Policy (December 2009)

Students Dissatisfied With Sexuality Education in Washington, D.C. Schools (December 2009)

Comprehensive Sex Ed Bill Passes Wisconsin Assembly (November 2009)

Senate Finance Committee Votes To Fund Comprehensive Sex Education; Restore Failed Title V Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Funding (October 2009)

Rising Teen Pregnancy Rates Steer Texas School Districts Away From Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage (October 2009)

Utah Sex Ed Bill Reveals Need for Comprehensive Education in Schools (September 2009)

Healthy Teen Initiative Amendment Passed AS Part of Health Care Reform Legislation (August 2009)

American Medical Association Renews Its Support of Comprehensive Sex Education (July 2009)

New Report Shows Positive Results for Comprehensive Sex Education Program in Cleveland Public Schools (July 2009)

Ministerial Meeting in Jamaica Reaffirms Commitment To Sex Education and HIV Prevention (June 2009)

New Sex Ed Laws Pass in Oregon and North Carolina (June 2009)

New Washington Law Requires State To Apply for Funds Supporting Proven Interventions (May 2009)

California Planned Parenthood Confronts Local School Board Over Suspension of Sex-Ed Funds (April 2009)

New Comprehensive Sex Education Curriculum Passes in Pittsburgh Schools (March 2009)

Current Legislative Session Reveals Trend Toward Comprehensive Sex Education Policy (March 2009)

Real Act Introduced To Fund Comprehensive Sex Education (March 2009)

New Report On Florida Supports Need for Passage of the Healthy Teens Act (February 2009)

Florida Considers Comprehensive Sexuality Education Legislation (January 2008)

Sex Education Requirement Is Not Enough: Study Reveals Lack of Consistency in Florida Schools (November 2007)

District of Columbia Releases Startling AIDS Statistics; Adopts Comprehensive Sexuality Education Standards (November 2007)

Recent California Legislation Supports Sex Ed (October 2007)

A Debate Over Sexuality Education Heats Up in Brevard County, Florida (July 2007)

Administration On Children and Families’ Report Attacks Comprehensive Sexuality Education Programs (June 2007)

Sexuality Education Victories in Colorado and Kansas (May 2007)

No Clear Definition of Family Life Education in Tennessee (April 2007)

Senator Lautenberg and Representatives Lee and Shays Introduce the Responsible Education About Life (Real) Act (March 2007)

Recent Legislation in New York and Washington Advances Sexuality Education; Missouri Legislation Moves To Tighten Sexuality Education (February 2007)

Prevention First Act Introduced (January 2007)

National Coalition to Support Sexuality Education National Coalition to Support Sexuality Education